Digital Alarm Clock – an original poem by me

(I wrote this poem many years ago…)


there you are in my head again

accusing me of being unfaithful

interrogating me

on my whereabouts

between 5:49 and 6:30

incriminations pounding in my brain

until 3am

when I have to get up at 7

every night at 10 after 11

your memory haunts my thoughts

“make a wish”

1:11     wishing i wasn’t so weak

2:22     wishing for some time to myself

3:33     wishing you weren’t such an asshole

4:44     wishing i had some kind of distraction

5:55     wishing i could wish this all away

11:11   wising i had never met you

and all the time

wondering if this really

was love

why we must be together

every waking hour

still never satisfying

your insatiable needs

gripping my hand

saying “i love you”

twenty times a day

leaving me grasping

for a piece of myself

i finally left you

changed my life

reclaimed my freedom

but even after all these years

when i my digital alarm clock reads 11:11

i remember your lies

promises never kept

threats to expose my soul

accusations wrapped

around my throat


doesn’t come quickly enough




long enough

to remind me

that i’ll never

go back there



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