1000 Tastes of Toronto in the Distillery District

My kids have never been to Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, so when a friend invited us to join them at the 1000 Tastes of Toronto event this weekend, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation.  I have heard great things about the event and hey, it gives me something to blog about!

The Historic Distillery District is probably one of Toronto’s hottest tourist attractions.  The brick lined streets, and restored Victorian style industrial buildings are populated by dozens of hip cafes, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries that draw thousands of tourists every year.

The mixture of antique machinery and vehicles, and modern art adds an interesting element of old and new to the area.  And a lot of the outdoor artwork is kid friendly, which  is to say it is sturdy and good for climbing.

But we weren’t there for the artwork.  We went for the food and we were determined to enjoy as much new tastes as possible.

This year, as part of the annual Luminato Festival, the Distillery was host to the 1000 Tastes of Toronto food event.  There were dozens of food tents set up on the brick streets from chefs and restaurants in and around the city, offering up gourmet food servings for $5 each.

I always forget to take pictures when I’m having fun.  I missed the delicious nachos with fresh guacamole and black bean dip, the home made apple wood smoked bacon sliders, and fancy poutines, but I did remember to take a pic of the fresh oysters.  They were the hands down favourite of the day.  For $5 for a serving of three fresh oysters, you can’t possibly go wrong.  They were deliciously refreshing with our Pinot Grigio wine.

Even some of the kids, not mine, loved the oysters and got the chance to show off their oyster eating technique for the local news.  I tried, but I couldn’t convince my kids that eating something cold and slimey out of a shell would taste good.  (shrugs shoulders) They don’t know what they’re missing.

We had a long day yesterday, as we were outdoors for most of it, and I resolved to stay home today and chill.  But this morning I found some leftover food tickets in my pocket.  It would be a shame to let them go to waste when I know that today is the last day to attend the event.

Its’ gonna be a hot day, but I’m working on convincing the hubby to go back today for more gourmet street food deliciousness. The oysters are calling to me…

Check out the Historic Distillery Website  for some history and cool photos of the Distillery way better than mine


the Luminato event website  for more details.


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