The Third Time’s the Charm

So here we are at my new blog home. I know, I know, this is the third move for this blog and you’re probably wondering “where next?”

Over the weekend, I decided that Tumblr was not the right place to host my blog. I didn’t realize there would be so many limitations over there, but the only way to really know something is to try it out and that’s what I did. I loved the template that I chose, but I kept running into problems that made my blogging experience less than enjoyable. The html was weird, centering my photos and content was a pain, it didn’t allow for a blogroll widget, and people reported problems with the Disqus comments. Tumblr is great for micro-blogging and photo blogs, but for me and my purposes, a traditional blogging platform is best.

I originally started callmeSheBear with Blogger, so my first thought was to import all my Tumblr posts back there. But I found that importing content from another blog was a complicated process in Blogger, which led me to looking into WordPress. Once I got my account set up, it was pretty easy to import all my content from Tumblr to here. It was all done within a matter of minutes.

I’m still finding my way around WordPress, but so far I like it and I won’t be moving the blog again. Sorry to my mom and the three loyal friends who have been following my random blogging. I know it’s a slight inconvenience to update your blog readers and blog rolls again, but I know you’ll do it cuz you love me!


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