Food Truck Friday


Intersection of Yonge/Dundas, photo taken in March 2012

I have to admit that Dundas Square is not my favourite place in Toronto.  It’s always busy, it’s hectic and there always seems to be at least one person shouting into a blow horn that “Jesus will save you!”  Not that I have anything against Jesus, I just happen to really hate blow horns.

But I have to give Dundas Square some credit because you can never complain of being bored there. There is always something to be seen and heard, with events happening all summer and throughout the winter too.  But even with all the excitement going on, there is really only one thing that can draw me into the square – food.


So when I eyed the Buster’s Sea Cove food truck on my way back to the office, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  They were parked in Food Truck Alley last Friday, when I passed up their Lobster Rolls for some ceviche at another food truck.  I’ve eaten at Buster’s Sea Cove in St. Lawrence Market before and always loved it, so I was curious to see how their food truck offerings were.

I decided to try the Crab Roll instead of the Lobster Roll this time.  It was the mango salsa in the Crab that sold me.


That’s not a Wonder bread hot dog bun (in case you are thinking what I first thought when they handed me my order).  It’s actually a slice of grilled bread folded in half to hold the crab meat.  It was very tasty.  The mango salsa mixed into the crab meat added some sweetness and was refreshing.  I didn’t eat the potato chips that came with my order.  They’re a little too greasy for my liking.  I think I would have preferred something like a fresh coleslaw to go along with this meal.

I enjoyed the crab roll, it was very good, but for $10 it would have been worth every penny if the serving size was a little larger or came with a side of something other than potato chips.

Like I said, there is always something interesting to see in Dundas Square.  Toronto mime artist, Kate Mior, has been around miming on busy street corners and busker events for a long time.  It’s always cool to come across her when I’m out and about in the city.

All in all, it was another good lunch date alone.  The time always seems to go by fast, but with so many things to see and do in close proximity to my office, I can never complain of running out of places to eat or things to see and do.

Check out the Toronto Food Trucks website for daily locations of Buster’s Sea Cove.


4 thoughts on “Food Truck Friday

  1. Lizzie Gudkov

    One of the magical aspects of Real Life blogs (as opposed to Second Life blogs for those reading who would go “Real Life blogs??!”) for me is that I get fascinated by the small details of daily life (rather than the turistic approach of scenery shots). How people are dressed, the weather, the ads, the street animation, all these show you real life, not something staged. And I like that in your blog! I even almost felt the taste of that crab roll! 😉


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