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From Instagram fun to birthday gifts for Mom

I think I may have just regressed back to my childhood by about 30 years.  I feel like a school girl who just finished an art project and can’t wait to get it home to show my mommy.  In fact, that’s exactly what is going on with me as I type this…er, except I’m not a school girl.  I’m a 38 year old mother and professional, and I certainly don’t call her mommy.  At least, I haven’t called her that for a very long time.

I joined Instagram earlier this year and quickly fell in love with taking photos with my iphone, editing them and sharing with others.  It’s so easy and it’s so much fun.  I love documenting my life in photos and looking for interesting and pretty things to capture with my camera during my daily walks in the city.  I like beautiful things, just because.

From the start I have wanted to get them printed, and there are tons of apps and services out there to print your IG photos.  You can make single prints, collages, photo albums and even canvas prints for your wall.  However, I have not found one of those services that is available in Canada.  But then, that was months ago that I looked into that, so maybe things have changed.  Oh, sure you can use the U.S based services, like, but to ship it to Canada comes with an outrageous price tag that my wallet can’t justify.  It’s noone’s fault, that’s just the way it is.  All this is to say that I gave up on the idea of having my Instagram photos printed and shipped to me months ago.

Until this past weekend.

My mom’s birthday was on Saturday.  I knew we weren’t going to make it up north to celebrate, but I wanted to give her something special.  I have hundreds of photos of my two kids and my baby niece, but when thinking about which ones to print for a gift, these two were at the top of my list:


Cousins are friends that will love you forever.

Feet. Small, medium and large.

Today I took my phone to the local photo printing shop, they uploaded my two photos and printed them out on beautiful 12x12cm glossy paper.  All three grandchildren in black and white sentiment. The prints look way better than the original photos above.  They actually look like a professional took them, not a big ole amateur like me!

I found some affordable frames at IKEA called Ribba, that look like they are tailor made for cell phone photos.  The frame itself is 24×24 cm and the area for the photo is 12×12 cm (that’s 5×5).  It’s not large by any means but it’s certainly enough to present a nice photo.  I don’t know how large you can print from an iphone photo, but the 12×12 prints I ordered turned out fabulous, not grainy at all, and look great in my IKEA frames.  I initially wanted a black frame but I think the white looks good and makes the photos stand out more.

Birthday gift for Mom

So I may not have been able to take advantage of the apps and services to print my Instagram photos, but it wasn’t such a big hassle to get them printed at my local photo shop.  It was definitely worth the effort and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I’m already planning my next batch of IG goodness to print and frame for my wall.

Happy Birthday Mom!