Sunrise Chaser gets the weekend off

I chose to sleep in this morning instead of going down to Lake Ontario for sunrise. It wasn’t because I couldn’t get myself out of bed but because it is grey, overcast and rainy and according to the weather forecast, it will be this way for the next week or so.

Maybe it might be a good day to take puddle photos…on second thought, as I look out my window I’m thinking it’s a good day to stay indoors. Pajamas, slippers and movies are on the agenda for today. Maybe I can find some photos on my camera roll to edit and re-edit, or dig up some older ones from my iPhoto collection to share.

I took this sunrise photo at Ashbridges Bay two weeks ago. It was a beautiful, fairly warm morning for this time of year. The shape of the tree caught my eye and I knew right away that it was going to be my spot to capture the sun coming up across the lake. I parked myself on the dewey grass behind the tree and as I was sipping my coffee, an animal came out of the bushes beside me. I thought it was a dog at first, but after looking more closely at it’s red coat I realized it was a fox. We both sat there looking at each other straight in the eye for a couple of seconds, which felt really intense and much longer. We were both startled, and the fox had a look on it’s face like “what the hell are you doing here this early in the morning?!” Then he moved his head a bit, which to me looked like he was nodding or acknowledging me in some way and then ran off onto the rocky shore.

I had my iPhone in my hand with my camera ready the entire time and didn’t even think to try snapping a photo of the fox until he was gone.

Some special moments in life are so fleeting that they are over and done within seconds. I don’t think there is a shutter speed or a pair of hands fast enough that could have captured a moment like that.


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