Before and after – My photo editing process

A couple of people have asked me what I do to my Instagram photos in post-processing, so I thought I would write up a quick post about my editing process.

First of all, I rarely use the Instagram filters. When I do use them, my photo has already been edited in two, three or sometimes even four other apps. It sounds like a lot, but  I mostly only use maybe one or two features in each of those apps to tweak the photo. I might spend anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour editing a photo, trying out different edits.

I also never the use the Instagram camera. I mostly use the iPhone camera, sometimes Camera+, or the Pro HDR camera app. There are tons of camera apps available out there, but those are the ones I tend to stick with most frequently.

It rained all day yesterday. It was grey, cold and damp, but as evening came upon us, it stopped raining. I was dropping my daughter off to a sleepover party in Liberty Village and we noticed that the sky had a purplish hue to it that we haven’t seen before. Of course, I had to get a shot of it.

I edited the photo first in Camera+. I darkened it with one of the ‘scene’ presets, I think I used the ‘sunset’ scene. Then I went to the ‘Effects’ menu and boosted the Vibrant colour to 10. I then saved the edited photo to my camera roll, closed off Camera+ and opened up Snapseed.

Once uploading my photo to Snapseed, I went to Tune Image. Honestly, I can’t remember everything I did here. I made some small tweaks, but the biggest change I made was to the White Balance to bring out the purple a little more. Once I did that, I used the Straighten feature to make a very slight adjustment. I then cropped the photo and saved it again to my camera roll and closed Snapseed.

Then I uploaded the photo to Photoshop Express and added the Reduce Noise feature before saving the photo. It was getting dark and my old iPhone3Gs doesn’t take good pics in low light situations, so the raw photo looked grainy. Reduce Noise is a great feature for that.

My final step was to open Instagram, and upload my finished photo to share.

Wow, it looks like a long process when I look at those steps I took, but really it only took me about 15 minutes in total. I didn’t feel that I needed to change this photo too much, but I do like bold and vibrant colour and I like my photos to look a little bit surreal. So I indulged myself in the purple and pink, just a little.

What can I say, I love artistic license.


2 thoughts on “Before and after – My photo editing process

  1. Socky Pitargue

    What’s amazing is that we can do everything on a small iphone screen, tweak photos on apps (not sophisticated and expensive programs like photoshop) and we can exercise as much creative license as we need to express our individual taste and execute our own “piece of art”. Art becomes no longer an arduous, sometimes elitist activity bound by rules, but one that’s spontaneous and fun. Art in the hands of many, not a few. Loving it.


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