A view worth sharing and storm preparations

It rained all weekend here in Toronto. The rain stopped for a little while on Saturday evening and the clouds opened up and gave us this…

I will never get tired of sunrises and sunsets.

This morning Hurricane Sandy dominates the news headlines. I trust that my friends on the east coast are prepared and safe from the storm. Southern Ontario generally gets weaker storms during hurricane season on the east coast, which usually does not live up to the local media hype. However Hurricane Hazel pounded Toronto when the storm was expected to dissipate, so you never know right? Also, we have had a lot of rain here already so more rain could cause some trouble.

My downtown neighbourhood could get some flooding and power could go out, so today I will pick up some supplies, just in case. You can never be too prepared. Besides, if we don’t use our supplies during this storm, we’ll be prepared for the next emergency like a winter snow storm or worse, the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse.

Stay safe everyone.


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