Finding my unique visual style, or Artistic Vision

I don’t photograph the world as it is.
I photograph the world as I would like it to be.

Monte Zucker

I am the last person to call myself an artist. I’m far too shy for that, and maybe that is a bad thing.

I do however consider myself to be artistic. I have tons of creative ideas and lofty artistic ambitions. What I am lacking, is the skills to carry my ideas through to completion. But I think I’m getting better at expressing myself artistically with my limited means. I am extremely stubborn and persistent and because of this, I am now getting a clearer idea of my personal Artistic Vision.

Artistic Vision. I’m not even really sure what that means. Being a writer, I can relate it to finding my “writing voice” – that unique writing style that is my own and distinguishes me from everyone else. My writing voice is my personality, it’s who I am, like a fingerprint that can only be mine. I am familiar and comfortable with expressing myself in words, it comes naturally to me, like my mother tongue.

But visually, I’m still finding my way and it’s what this blog is all about. Learning to express myself visually feels kind of like learning a second language.

I think in very simple terms, Artistic Vision is a visual representation of my emotional response to how I see and experience the world. I’m not sure yet what this says about me and what kind of story I am telling in all these pictures I share here. I do know that my unique visual style is becoming clearer to me and the more I explore and experiment with it, the more confidant I become. I’m also getting to know myself a little better in the process.

My hope is that you the reader (or should I say viewer) gets to know a little something about me too. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Finding my unique visual style, or Artistic Vision

  1. Lizzie Gudkov

    When I look at your pictures, there is a clear uniqueness about them. Color, for sure, and also a certain quietude in the framing of the shot that makes the eye go towards the horizon creating a feeling of ample space. I like it a lot! I think you’re doing a great job!

    1. callmeshebear Post author

      Thanks Lizzie. I recently just took stock of all my photos and saw how they have changed. It’s hard to identify your creative style if you don’t stop and take a step to have a look at things as a whole. I remember a certain point where I felt the same about my SL blog. It’s like finding your groove.


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