Snow Day in Toronto

Winter city

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Every winter, good Canadians across the country love to make fun of us Torontonians when we get any significant amount of snowfall. Yeah, I guess Mel Lastman is to blame for that. Call in the army!

Snow days are such a rare thing around these parts, that when we do get them, yes we grumble but not because we are afraid. We grumble because we know the frustration that lies ahead as a result. Getting home from work to our families takes twice the amount of time, which really sucks. Hence the grumbles and panic.

Icy bush on the shore of Lake Ontario.

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I’m from Northern Ontario, where 30cm of snowfall is just a light dusting. But in a city this size, any amount of snow like that is enough to slow things down considerably.

But it’s not enough to stop us.

Contrary to popular belief, we love snow and winter activities. After a snowfall, you’ll see cross-country skiers in city parks, and people (and family dogs too) of all ages taking to the hills with their sleds in Christie Pits, Dufferin Park and the  Don Valley. I think I have even seen some stuffy, Bay St. business types racing down some of those hills. We’re not as wimpy and uptight as the rest of Canada likes to think.

And yes, as any good snow loving, toque wearing, Tim Horton’s drinking Canadian will tell you, the twenty-second thrill ride going down is totally worth the ten minute climb back up.

The 20 second thrill going down is totally worth the 10 minute climb back up.

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10 thoughts on “Snow Day in Toronto

  1. Robin Claire

    Wonderful pictures!!
    I especially liked your description of the sleigh-riding Canadians. We have hills around here, and snow enough to sleigh ride. But you take your life in your hands doing that here.
    robin claire

  2. Socky Pitargue

    At the height of the snowstorm last Friday, I saw little kids with their parents all dressed up and ready to go tobogganing. Lovely! And I think you can now consider me a Canadian, as I was up and about the whole day through that snowstorm. No big deal 🙂


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