Weekend road trip

Two of the perks of having a spouse that works on a film crew are spontaneous weekend road trips to go visit him on the set, and staying in fancy hotels with views like this:

Panorama of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Panorama of Niagara Falls, Ontario. (click for a larger view)

And this:

Clifton Hill at night.

Clifton Hill at night.

And just a short walk away, this:

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara

A rainbow and the Rainbow bridge border crossing to New York state.

A rainbow and the Rainbow bridge border crossing to New York state.

Of course this can’t make up for the fact that we hardly ever see him, but we can certainly exploit the free hotel room to our full advantage when we get the chance.

We had a fabulous little weekend vacation but these types of spontaneous road trips come with a price – loads of unfinished laundry, dishes piled up in the sink, and a very messy living room (more than usual). I’ll be busy every evening this week catching up with my chores.

I don’t mind though. We had beautiful spring like weather and the weekend getaway was perfect for breaking in the camera on my new iphone5. I had so much fun walking about and taking photos, and that view from our hotel was totally worth the weeks worth of laundry that I now have to catch up on.

Oh, and seeing my husband in person once in a while is always nice too. Can’t forget about that.

photo (4)


All photos are my own, taken and processed with various apps on my iPhone 5. 

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9 thoughts on “Weekend road trip

  1. Rustic Recluse

    You’re heading to some really awesome places! The last picture is really nice! Which apps did you work with? I’ve been exploring with my iphone but most of the apps apply ‘blur’ a little too strongly for my liking…

    1. callmeshebear Post author

      Thanks Rustic!

      I use Camera+ for almost all my photos. I use the Clarity scene in this app and sometimes I will boost the colour vibrancy in that app also. I think this is app is .99 cents with the option to purchase other add-ons.

      I then adjust the colour balance in Snapseed. This app used to be $4.99 but now it is totally free. It’s a little tricky to get used to using, but it is a great photo app to have.

      I used PicFX to add the stars and galactic sky filter in the night photo with the ferris wheel.

      For the last photo of the bench, I used BlurFX. You can adjust the level of the blur with this app. This is one of the more expensive apps, but if you’re going to use it a lot, it’s worth it to get it.

      And finally, I uploaded my finished photo to Instagram and added a filter from there.

      I hope that’s helpful for you. 🙂


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