I’m in a slump and it’s time to work myself out of it

How easy it is to slip into a creative slump. Unfortunately it is not as easy to pull yourself out of one. It’s been quite a while since I have gone down to the lake to capture a sunrise with my iPhone camera and I am missing this creative time and early morning solitude.

I blame it on the cold winter weather. My photo walks have been sparse over the last few months and at this point I am really feeling the lack of creativity in my life. Not only am I not making photos, I am also not waking up early in the morning to write while my family sleeps. Instead, I am sleeping in until 7:30am and rushing around like a crazy lady to get everyone out the door on time. FYI, this is not a good way to start your day and leaves me with almost zero alone time. As a result, I am tired, run down and uninspired.

I have always been the type of person who has to go through extreme contrasts to learn the life lessons. As messy and chaotic as it is, it’s my process and I have to go with it. When I am on top of things, and a couple of steps ahead of myself, I feel good and life is great. When I let that slip, I can quickly descend into an emotional slump that will threaten to swallow me up if I let it.

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad. I am doing great in some other aspects of my life. My diet is going really well and I have lost almost 20 lbs since January 25th. I am getting more exercise and feeling good physically. I’m looking forward to shopping for new clothes to fit my new body later this spring.

This feels like a bit of a stretch to say right now but, in a way I am grateful for the creative slump I currently find myself in. It deepens my understanding that just as eating healthy and regular exercise are important for physical health, making time for creative expression is as equally if not even more important for maintaining my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Bring me that horizon

Bring me that horizon

Photo taken with my iPhone5, edited with Camera+, Snapseed, PicFX and Instagram.

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8 thoughts on “I’m in a slump and it’s time to work myself out of it

  1. Shell Ochsner

    Congratulations on losing the weight! What an accomplishment!
    Don’t fret too much about the writer’s slump. We all go through it, and we all pull out of it sooner or later. I honestly believe its all part of the creative process, as you’ve mentioned. Before you know it, there will be an accumulation of ideas just waiting to be released.
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Heather

    Sounds like you’ve just been focused on other things, which is great. Everybody slow creative times. Just ride it out.

    1. callmeshebear Post author

      Thanks Heather. You’re right, I have been focussing on other things but I also have been slack in protecting my personal time to do creative work. I miss that time!

  3. wildsherkin

    It’s hard to find time for creativity, particularly when you have a young family and a job. Sometimes, it just has to take second place, which I know is incredibly frustrating. You should be so proud of your talents. The ability to write so honestly is a gift and as for your photos… 🙂


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