Same book, same chapter, different page

Today’s blog thoughts are brought to you courtesy of my latest photo walk at Humber Bay Park in south Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada.

I think it is safe to say that my husband and are what most people would call unconventional. We never did the usual route of meet, fall in love, get married, buy a house in the suburbs and so on – if that is indeed the usual thing to do. When we first moved in together (about a month after we started dating) did either one of us ever think that 14 years later we would be married with children? Nope. We never talked about it or even sat down and talked about our future. That probably sounds incredibly irresponsible, but what can I say, Life just happened and we went along with it. It’s not that we never made any future plans. Eventually we did make plans and goals, but some of those things didn’t pan out resulting in my frustration when I wrote this post. It’s just that in hindsight, I think we could have avoided some of the challenges we faced if in the beginning we had thought a little more ahead of ourselves to be prepared for the future.

This approach of taking life as it comes has brought us many good things and interesting adventures. Our lives certainly aren’t boring and we have two wonderful children that have brought us immeasurable joy. But here’s the thing: when you have two young children, drifting along through life and taking it day by day means you might end up being unprepared for things to come. Hence, we find ourselves living in a space that we outgrew ages ago, with two busy careers and a lifestyle that is getting harder to juggle. We are both tired and ready to make some big changes.

Another view from yesterdays evening walk in Humber Bay Park.

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A couple of months ago, I blogged about the possibility of moving our family to Costa Rica to pursue a new and different kind of life. This is something that we have talked about for years but it has never quite felt like the right time to make the big move. For some reason, this year I am feeling an urgency to get on with this and just do it. My husband on the other hand, ever so cautious and practical, has some reservations about making a definite decision. There are several other factors that come into play that we have to consider and making a decision that is best for us as a family feels like a daunting task. He’s right. This is not something you want to be hasty about, but on the other hand, we have been talking about it forever and I am tired of talk and ready for action.

We’re discussing it more seriously, and figuring out our options. It may take more time but I think we are getting closer to making some decisions for our family that we both feel good about. Two possibilities are moving to Costa Rica or moving to a smaller town (we own a home in a smaller city that we rent out). Costa Rica definitely feels more appealing, but we haven’t agreed on which direction to head into.

Neither one of us yet knows the answers to all the questions and factors involved in moving our family to a foreign country and starting a new life. We don’t know all the “how’s” of making this crazy dream we have a reality. The only thing I know for sure is my gut feeling telling me that if both of us can just get together on the same page in the story of our lives, all kinds of possibilities will open up for us, and the “how” of making our dreams a reality will inevitably come into clear focus.

I think Humber Bay Park is my new favourite spot to view the city skyline.

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All photos are my own, taken and processed with various apps on my iPhone 5 and shared on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram: @bearheartwoman.


6 thoughts on “Same book, same chapter, different page

  1. Vicki Flaherty

    I feel your urgency and your desire to be patient. Keep dreaming and taking little steps to reach for your dream. Sharing ‘what’s true for you’ helps clear the way to you getting where you want yourself to be. Getting on the same page might be dreaming more about what that life in Costa Rica would be like. What it would really be like. How you would feel, what you would do, why it’s important…all the best in moving more consciously toward your future!

    1. callmeshebear Post author

      Thank you Vicki. Honestly, I would be happy with moving to the other city or Costa Rica. I’m just waiting for my husband to decide what he really wants and I will be fully on board with that. We’re getting closer.


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