Open your eyes

I have been feeling really good this week. I’m sure this is a combination of the warmer weather, spending more time outdoors and me being twenty pounds lighter. This past weekend I fit into a pair of skinny jeans that have been hibernating in my drawer for about five years. Victory!

photo (3)

I’m also feeling great today because I had a really nice little photo walk with my daughter last night. You know you’ve been bitten by the photography bug when you get totally excited about rocks, textures and the subtle palette of colours in the sky. My daughter enjoys taking photos too and she happily tags along with me, iPod in hand on my photo taking detours on the way home or between errands.

Purple cityscape - Toronto

This morning my six-year-old son was looking through my edited photos on my phone and he asked me if that is really how I see things, with all the colours. I explained to him that no it’s not actually how I see the world, it’s more like how I would like to see things. But there’s more to it than that. Since I started learning more about photography composition, I notice details in the landscape that I never paid much attention to before. I see the subtle pinks and purples in the sky, the hues of blue and green in the water, the details and textures in the rocks and grass. I pay attention to the clouds, the weather and the light and I feel more in tune with nature when I’m in that zone.


In post-processing, I sometimes use filters to enhance my photos and have a little fun, but more often I simply make adjustments to the ambiance, contrast/saturation and white balance to bring out the colours. Even though the eye doesn’t initially recognize it, all the colours are already there. You just have to slow down, open your eyes and let them reveal themselves to you.

Lakeside meditation

All photos are my own, taken and processed with various apps on my iPhone5. You can follow me on Instagram: @bearheartwoman and on Eye’em: @callmeshebear


15 thoughts on “Open your eyes

    1. callmeshebear Post author

      Thanks! I was actually surprised the pink and purples came out so much in post processing. The colours were there but they were soft and vague.

      I like the lighthouse image too. I looked at it and thought “that looks it could be Nova Scotia, not Toronto!”

  1. Cherrie Zell

    Spot on. Seeing is a learned skill. And I agree that having focused in on some clouds one day brings them into regular focus on other days. A few weeks ago, I bagged some shots of the sun breaking through some clouds and now can’t stop looking at the variety of colours in the sky. It possible helps that the English painter of clouds, John Constable, is a long distant relative!!

    I will be inspired by your weight loss. Congrats.

  2. wildsherkin

    Your pictures are so lovely, and as for losing 20 pounds, that’s just not fair! Now I am putting on my best Irish Mammy voice to say that you shouldn’t be losing too much more… 🙂


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