Some thoughts about being a Mother

To be really honest, most days I feel like a terrible mother. I drop my kids off late to school more often than I would like to admit. Our laundry gets cleaned but rarely gets put away in the proper drawers. Digging in the basket for a pair of matching socks in the morning is as routine as brushing teeth in my house.

And speaking of teeth, my kids may go to school with mismatched socks but they have excellent dental health so that’s one thing I will pat myself on the back for.

My kids are also pretty amazing. My daughter, at the age of ten, is tall and beautiful and very smart. She has this incredibly dry sense of humour for a girl of her age which she inherits from her dad. My son, the class clown, is big and strong and great at problem solving. He also says and does the funniest things and despite his size, he is soft and gentle.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, I always think that it should be me doing something to show them how much I love them. They have taught me so much about life and about myself and they put up with the mismatched socks, messy living room and rushed mornings. I’m not the mom who is always there to pick them up from school, bring them to swimming practice or watch them compete in the track and field competition. I’m the mom who goes to work all day and then drags them down to the lake in the evening to take pictures. They happily oblige me when I get one of them to stand very still in front of me so I can rest my iPhone on their head to take a picture – human tripods lol

Today I am reminded of how grateful I am to have these two amazing little persons in my life. I’m definitely not perfect (they know that for a fact), but they still love me forever and unconditionally, mismatched socks and all.

The colour of my emotions

The colour of my emotions

Photo taken by me with an iPhone 5. Edited in Lightroom 4.

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