Instagram mingling

This past weekend I attended my first Instagram Meetup here in Toronto. It’s not my first time meeting online acquaintances out in the “real world” but still I was feeling a little nervous. Well, maybe not nervous but I guess I was feeling kind of awkward about it. So that’s why I brought my daughter along with me so I wouldn’t feel so awkward all alone.

Caught 'gramming

Caught ‘gramming

It turns out that there was nothing at all to feel awkward about. We met up at the Historic Distillery District here in Toronto, whose old brick buildings and cobblestone paths scream to be photographed. There are interesting things to see all over, from old whiskey barrels, to antique trucks and machinery. Even better, it was so great to put faces to names of Instagrammer’s that I have been following for a long time. I also met some new IG friends which is fabulous.

Barrels full of spirits (get it? Old empty liquor barrels...haha)

Barrels full of spirits (get it? Old empty liquor barrels…haha)

I had such a great time mingling and “talking shop” about different photography and editing apps and so on. It was also really nice to hang out with other people who enjoy iPhone photography and having a creative outlet in our 9 to 5 lives.

We walked around all afternoon in this interesting and very photogenic location, but I was lucky to get two shots to share. Kind of funny to go home from an Instagram meetup with hardly any photos taken. I was too busy mingling!

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