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When a wish really does come true there are no harps and angels

Weeds to wishes

Weeds to wishes

Eleven days ago I checked into a local hospital for scheduled orthopaedic surgery. It wasn’t an emergency or anything, so all is well and I’m now at home recovering. The first few days after my bone surgery were painful, but manageable. I am feeling better and stronger every day and am no longer taking the prescribed pain medication. My doctor expects me to be home and resting for the next five weeks, so I am starting to get myself used to a routine of early to bed, early to rise, reading books, watching Netflix, and my favourite part – afternoon naps. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

Actually, truth be told, three days at home and I was bored stiff and missing my evening walks at the lake.  Also, I never thought I would say this but I miss my job. I have three months off from work, doctors orders, but I have already started to have thoughts of going back to work earlier than that. I should probably listen to my doctor.

Also, I miss going out to take pictures. 😦

It’s okay though. I’ll be fine. I’m starting to enjoy my new leisure time and my healing and recovery are going well. I get my bandages and stitches out tomorrow.

Thinking back to the day of surgery, as I was laying on the surgery table, the anesthesiologist put the mask on my face and told me to count back from ten until I fell asleep. I think I was too scared to count so I didn’t do that. Instead, I made a wish for an easy and peaceful recovery, and then my eye lids grew heavy and I was out. I awoke just over and hour later in the recovery room to a friendly nurse who stood by my side until I was able to stay awake on my own.

It’s been less than two weeks and I have a long recovery ahead of me, but so far things are going great. The first three days post-surgery were horrid. Oh yes, I have some stories involving opiates, hellish nightmares and entire conversations with the doctor that I don’t remember. But in the days since then, it has been pretty easy. Every day I wake up feeling better and stronger and grateful for my good health. If I believed that wishes always came true, I would say that my wish certainly is in progress.

So recovery is going well and being home to see my kids off to school in the morning and being here for them when they get home in the afternoon, is an added bonus. Being a working mom, this is a small but significant longing I have always had and something I never gave much thought to because I didn’t think it would ever happen. Now I am home for them when they get home from school and we are all loving it.

On second thought, maybe sometimes when your wishes comes true, you really do end up with more than you asked for.

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